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The Sex Senses: The Erotic Allure Behind the Scenes Forensic Factor: Unexpected Killers
Our Price: $49.98
Our Price: $29.98
Our Price: $24.98
Sex Senses mixes fetish and fantasy, illustration and infatuation, myth and reality, and science and instinct. For a new perspective on this oldest of human activities, Sex Senses is a must watch.
From the world’s most damaging disasters, September 11th to Katrina, to the oasis fantasy of glittery Las Vegas, the most advanced 21st Century technologies are vastly at work.
Forensic Factor: Unexpected Killers tells the foreboding tale of four brutal murders and their a-typical killers.
The Sex Senses: Sexual Maturity Forensic Factor: Biggest Mystery Ultimate Access Super Pack
Our Price: $49.98
Our Price: $24.98
Our Price: $24.98
An intriguing mix of fetish and fantasy, illustration and infatuation, myth and reality, and science and instinct. Forensic Factor's Biggest Mysteries leads investigators beyond the lab,across many continents to unravel gruesome mysteries of the missing. NEW RELEASE!  Ultimate Access gives you an exclusive look at how things work from the inside out. In each episode one story leads to an amazing tour of the logistical and technical aspects of some of the most amazing things on the planet.
Forensic Factor: The Most Intense Investigations The Sex Senses: The Sexual Body Valerie Pringle Has Left the Building Season 1
Our Price: $24.98
Our Price: $49.98
Our Price: $29.98
Forensic Factor’s Most Intense Investigations. This program presents two intense investigations that challenge even the most veteran detectives, as well as a feature on weapons and profilers. Sex Senses mixes fetish and fantasy, illustration and infatuation, myth and reality, and science and instinct. For a new perspective on the oldest of human activities, Sex Senses is a must watch. Valerie Pringle takes viewers on an adventurous tour of some of the world's legendary travel destinations. In each stop, Valerie enjoys the breath-taking vistas, takes in the cultural customs and interacts with the amazing people she meets along her journey.
Forensic Factor: Mass Murders Forensic Factor: Trademark of a Killer The Sex Senses: Sensual Sex
Our Price: $24.98
Our Price: $24.98
Our Price: $49.98
This program presents the savage nature of criminals who seek to target multiple victims at once, and the vigilant officers determined to find these insidious mass murderers. Forensic Factor presents the world's best sleuths using the latest investigative tools to catch the most elusive criminals. Each episode depicts the amazing science used by actual forensic experts to solve mysterious crimes and introduces viewers to a dramatic re-enactments of crime. Then, clue-by-clue, we follow the crime scene investigators and forensic scientists as they unravel the mystery of the crime. Woven into the story of the individual crime, the viewer is provided with detailed explanations; both visually and through interviews, of how human ingenuity and revolutionary forensic technology combine to solve the most violent crimes.

Future Crime
Can the sound of a suspect's voice reveal his lie? Can the crucial moment of crime, buried deep in damaged video, be revealed? Can computers isolate a guilty face in a crowd? No longer science fiction, these are the high-tech tools of the forensics trade.

Lasting Impressions
From the tips of their ears to the soles of their feet - criminals are betrayed by the clues their own bodies leave behind. A killer's ear against a wall, his hand on a door, the path that he walks – even the slightest impressions left at the scene help crime fighters find their man.

Nature’s Clues
How do bugs, pigs and even the weather help investigators solve crimes? From tropical Hawaii to the frigid waters of Lake Ontario, forensic experts reveal, in gory detail, the clues nature leaves behind on a human corpse. Forensic Expert: Dr. Lee Goff Entomologist at Chaminade University.

The Cover-Up
Fire, water, earth - killers call on all the elements in their attempt to cover up their crimes. But even a body burned to ashes, sunk deep into the sea or reduced to fragments will still tell its forensic tale.
It may be the subject of more discussion, angst, energy, pleasure and pain than anything else known to humankind. But hardly anyone understands what REALLY goes on when sex takes center stage in our thoughts and actions. Is a kiss really just a kiss? Are men’s and women’s orgasms different? Can you choose a soulmate with your sense of smell? Is sex all in the brain?

Sex Senses mixes fetish and fantasy, illustration and infatuation, myth and reality, and science and instinct. For a new perspective on the oldest of human activities, Sex Senses is a must watch.

What defines an aphrodisiac? What do scientists know about how to increase sexual desire? What ways can we increase sexual function? The history of why certain herbs and foods are supposed to be aphrodisiacs are explored.

Baring It All
Meet Stephane Deschenes and his family - they are naturists who say there is nothing sexual about baring it all. And they're not alone. Whether they take it off a few times a year, or live year-round in the buff, naturists say there are plenty of reasons for parading around in your birthday suit.

Love Juices
Our bodies feel solid but we're made up mostly of fluids and we couldn't function or survive without these juices. Then again, neither could our sex lives. Blood. Sweat. Sperm. Vaginal juices. They all make making love possible and pleasurable.

Sex + Rock & Roll
Since its inception, rock and roll music has been linked to sexuality. It is sex. Raunchy lyrics, overt body language, and the off stage antics of rockers just ooze sex. We'll look at the effects music has on our physiology - what's happening to our bodies when we get "turned on" by music.

Sex and Beauty
What is beautiful? While there is no simple answer, many scientists are piecing together the puzzle that makes up a popular definition of beauty. There are some common threads: symmetry, waist to hip ratio and masculine and feminine traits that the majority is attracted to. And those attractions are all linked to sex and reproduction.

Sex Drive
The Sex Files hour-long season premiere, "Sex Drive", examines the facts and the myths surrounding one of our most basic urges. Delving into attraction, infidelity, impotence and aging, the "Sex Drive" special explores the biology, psychology, and sociology of the human sex drive.

Sex For One
It's been called "the last taboo," and for many people, masturbation remains a topic shrouded in shame and secrecy. However, it's a subject that is increasingly scrutinized by scientists, sexologists, sociologists, and of course The Sex Files. "Sex for One," explores auto-eroticism with the help of experts.

Sex vs. Love
This show concentrates on what happens to our body when we're in love - changes in brain patterns, the release of different chemicals - and contrasts it with what happens to us during sex. The viewers will see how the two are related and possibly explain why the two genders view the experiences differently.

Hearts pounding, muscles throbbing, heavy breathing. On your own, with a partner, maybe 12, on ice, in a boat. Sounds like sex - well not quite. It's sports. And people do it in almost every park, arena, field and gym at every hour of the day. It's all animal instincts, and athletes have unique affairs with sex.

Sexual Satisfaction
In this episode we'll meet a California couple that leads a secret life as on-line reviewers for sex toys, and another couple that can't wait to invite a third person into their bedroom.

Sexual Senses
The eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the skin - they all play a role in the way we perceive and enjoy sex. Take one away and it's like removing the rhythm section from the band; the song is stripped of its soul. But when all are played in concert, they can lift your sex life to a new high.

Sun, Sand & Sex
Sun, sand, surf ¬- and sex. Whether it's students on Spring Break or married couples stealing away for a weekend, everyone knows that getting away from it all is a great time to get closer. But what is it about travel that drives human libido into another time zone? And what makes some travelers take risks they never would at home - like paying for sex?

Top 10 Sexual Myths
This is our chance to have fun debunking the most common myths about sex and sexuality. With scientific evidence in our arsenal we'll dish the goods on everything from oral sex, multiple orgasms and penis size, to the g-spot, sex during pregnancy and the world's best lovers.

Top 10 Sexual Archetypes
The top ten "types" of people we'd like to have sex with and a somewhat Freudian look at what they represent. We'll explore the man in uniform, the conservative librarian, the best friend, the rebel guy and more. Each gets its own explanation and a psychological examination of what they represent in the bedroom.

Studies abound hailing the benefits of touch - from the soft and silky skin of the newborn - to the hairy and wrinkly version we carry as grownups. The stimulation of our largest organ is fundamental to our mental and physical well being.

4 Disc Pack
Valerie Pringle Has Left the Building - Season 2 Nerve Center The New Faces of Tourism
Our Price: $29.98
Our Price: $24.98
Our Price: $24.98
Season Two

Valerie Pringle takes viewers on an adventurous tour of some of the world's legendary travel destinations. In each stop, Valerie enjoys the breath-taking vistas, takes in the cultural customs and interacts with the amazing people she meets along her journey.
• Explore exotic locales with the always exuberant and energetic Valerie Pringle
• From local cuisine served in the back alleys to dining in stunning five-star restaurants, join Valerie as she tracks down the best eats of each destination
• Immerse yourself in the folk and folklore of diverse cultures all across the globe

Berlin, Germany
A city steeped in history and also on the cutting edge, this European capital has a lot to offer. Feel the techno vibe at an all-night party, join in a cabaret act at the famous Wintergarten, and experience the war-torn history of this great metropolis through its many museums.

Cook Islands
In a land far, far away, Valerie discovers the pristine waters and easy-going attitude that define the Cook Islands. Not quite like Hawaii and not really Tahiti, these islands have a personality all their own.

Dublin, Ireland
On this program, Valerie gets to know the people who make Ireland an ideal travel destination. Both the bustle of the city and the charm of the country are included in this episode, shot in the Republic of Ireland.

The Mediterranean sector of this beautiful country has had resurgence in tourism post-war. Dubrovnik is the jumping off point for this episode, but Valerie manages to explore more of the Dalmatian Coast than just this thriving port town of nearly 50,000 people.

The Irish are said to have a twinkle in their collective eye. It may be their sense of humor, a bit of blarney, the appreciation of a good pint or even the anticipation of sharing their country with someone new. One thing is for sure; the Irish make Ireland what it is.

Valerie delves into the long and tumultuous history of a land that boasts the largest and best-preserved Roman Temple anywhere (Baalbek), as well as a city with 7,000-year-old roots (Byblos). Beautiful and inspiring, Lebanon is one of the extraordinary places included in the second season of Valerie Pringle Has Left the Building.

In Morocco, old and new collide, yet somehow meld, to create a land that is thoroughly modern as well as steeped in history. Valerie explores Fez and Marrakesh, meeting the people- and a few of the animals - along the way. Follow along with Valerie as she journeys to Africa.

Outback, Australia
How will Valerie survive in the harsh land of Outback Australia? Very well, thank you! This is wild Australia and from the breath-taking Katherine Gorge to the animal-centric Crocodylus Park, Valerie is surrounded by vast blue skies and the rugged people who inhabit this part of the Land Down Under.

In this episode, Valerie finds herself immersed in the diversity of a country known mostly for the Big Ditch. Of course, the Panama Canal is an engineering marvel that has to be seen, but Panama is also known for its diverse and natural beauty.

In this episode, Valerie explores the cuisine, flora, fauna and art of this ancient rainforest located in the World Heritage Daintree National Park. And no trip to Queensland would be complete without a journey to the world's largest system of coral reefs, the Great Barrier Reef.

General Grades Adult
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